4 Apps to get you started with the gig economy


Sample Job: A web designer will create a custom wedding website for, yes, $5.

How It Works: Anyone can post an offer to perform simple one-off services, usually for $5 (hence the company’s name). Fiverr keeps 20% of every transaction.

Sample Job: Deliver a Potbelly meatball sandwich to a nearby office building.

How It Works: This courier service guarantees one-hour delivery from partner stores like Whole Foods. Sign up as an independent contractor, accept jobs on your phone, and keep 75% of the delivery fee ($5 and up).

Sample Job: A chef offers a $15 class on authentic southern fried chicken.

How It Works: Anyone can apply to set up a class about whatever wisdom they think they have to impart—and charge whatever they think it’s worth (Skillshare kept 12% of offline course fees, it charges $9.95 for access to all online classes and doles out payment to teachers based on popularity).

Sample Job: Pick up a document from the county clerk’s office and deliver it for $16.

How It Works: Users can post any sort of temp employment on the site, either setting a fee or accepting bids from potential workers (known as TaskRabbits). The company handles all payments and takes a 20% cut.


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